“We get so many compliments on our home”

"After completing two significant projects with Jill several years apart, I can highly recommend her service and style. Having made mistakes with past furniture and decor, it was completely worth it to bring in an expert to plan and execute our renovation and design projects. Jill's thoughtful approach allowed us to let her know what mattered most to us, but also provided opportunities to take risks, which entirely paid off. We get so many compliments on our house thanks to Jill's help."

— Kathleen M.


“I can’t wait for our next project with Jill!”

"Jill and her team worked with us to renovate several bathrooms and a kitchen and put together furniture for the living spaces in our new home. She quickly grasped my aesthetic, and she was spot on with all of her selections. It was so easy to make choices because she narrowed down the options to the ones that she knew I would love. Jill artfully combined items that I already owned with key new pieces to make a coherent design within my budget. I can't wait for out next project with Jill."

— Helen B.

"I loved working with Jill and her team. She decorated and staged the last house that we sold and it looked amazing - we received 4 offers on the first day!"

— Chris B.


“We are so happy in our beautiful home!”

“I wanted to make sure you know how happy we are in the house. I still remember sitting in your office at the start of the process and to see what popped out a year later is incredible. At least a few times a week we talk about how fortunate we are to be in our beautiful home and we have you to thank for it."

— Marc S.

"Jill is a pleasure to work with.”

"Jill brought the perfect balance of listening to our ideas, bringing her own thoughts and experience to the table, and respecting our budget. She was a pleasure to work with and be around and was a natural and valuable part of conversations, big and small. Having never worked with a designer before and not knowing what to expect this was as positive an experience as I could have possibly hoped for!"

— Seth H.